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    The Hiss Quarterly || Volume IV, Issue 1

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    "It is that dreadful habit of opening the windows, letting in cold air upon heated bodies, which ... does the mischief."
    ~ The Character 'Frank Churchill' from download deriv app for pc the book "Emma" by Jane Austen.

    What mischief? Cold air, heated bodies - - goodness gracious. Whatever are we discussing? Encourages you to rush off and re-read the story again, doesn't it? Of course, we know each of you has Ms. Austen's work in your personal libraries. If you don't, then tell someone. Drop them the hint that you would adore such a gift for the next birthday or applicable gift giving situation. Encouraging subtlety is our emphasis this quarter, to be sure.

    In the last two years, we've been bold and deriv mt5 download for pc brazen about our NC-17 edition; even offered up nude images that one gentle reader actually chastised us for displaying. We've given you stories and prose that certainly didn't leave much to the imagination either. Well, that's what we generally do here at The Hiss Quarterly. We ARE bold and brazen. As we so delicately point out, "We're not your mama's eZine." We haven't been your mama's eZine for three years now!

    Welcome to round four! However, this particular yearly inaugural NC-17 issue isn't quite the same "slice of pie" (nudge nudge, wink wink) we've previously presented to you. Leave it to us to break our own rules, stop mid-stroke and make an illegal U-turn. We've blocked the flow of traffic causing a pile up on the bridge and you're going to be late for dinner. Everything's backed up for miles!

    Fine. It's not that serious. And you won't be late for dinner, unless you happen to be perusing these pages at work.

     Keeping in tune with our theme to keep you guessing, Our FEATURED ARTIST, became five Featured Artists. One for each finger! You get to choose the hand. Each one of our contributing photographers has a unique view of the world and we're delighted that they've allowed us to share their vision within these hallowed halls.

    The FEATURED POET, Yoly Calderon was given the task of putting together simmering pieces of word beauty to serve up with a slice of that pie we were alluding to earlier. She managed to delight us with entries we could send home to mother.

    Or, not.

    Don't forget to read her answers to our "Same Seven Questions" for further insight. Her mind is not a "vacant seat."

    Speaking of vacant minds DELIBERATE NONSENSE is just as deliberate as it's always been. Although the only nonsense we can say that lives there is the evidence presented in some of the finest You Tube TM video's our Poetry editor, Shanna Karella, discovered for your viewing pleasure along with pieces by Scheer, So & Shimp. We thought they'd make a fine sounding law firm. Heh. We said, "firm".


    All in all, "The Bird's & Bee's" POETRY and FICTION selections will ensure that you still squirm in your seat. You simply might have to consider "why" a bit harder. Heh. We said,"harder".

    The Janitors On Duty will give you a respite from considering "why" when you view the editorials this quarter. We felt that being "euphemistic" wasn't enough. Now we're going all "EKPHRASTIC" on you. Pay attention. *We're having a contest:

    We each have a picture on our editorials - - use that picture to guide you to write something in keeping with the next THQ theme, Space To Grow. Send it to us, and the best will be published in a special "Winners Circle" event. There will be nifty graphics to snag, avatars to gloat over, not to mention the pleasure of telling someone, "I won the ekphrastic contest at THQ." You'll have people nodding as if they know, and then running off to their computers to google it.


    With Regard to contests and awards, this quarter's THQ AWARD is given to the marvelous crew who give us "Wicked Alice". If you're from Boston, they're wicked good. If you're not, they're still wicked good, and you don't have to be from Boston to think so either. As far as we know, they aren't from Boston. In fact, Boston really doesn't have much to do with anything about any of this issue other than everything is "wicked good." Okay. Fine. Enough of that.
    Just go read them, and tell them we sent you.

    Velvet Avalanche

     What a great title. What great authors. What a terrific Valentine, Bridal Shower or Birthday gift to give to someone! No - - it's not a THQ production, but we're thrilled to see so many THQ contributors between the covers. Velvet Avalanche is a collection of erotic poetry presented by Satjah Products. The book cover image will take you there. We encourage everyone to go reserve a copy now.

    And last but not least, the 2006 final edition of THQ was simply so good, we had to print it. Just click on the image for ordering information and other details, including a quick preview.

    A special "Thank You" to our Sponsors for keepin' us hissin', and to Todd Heldt for donating half the proceeds of his book BEFORE YOU WERE A PROPHET to our publishing endeavors. If you're feeling generous, please don't hesitate to do something crazy (or ... not so crazy) by donating some of your hard earned cash to our efforts here. Buy the book. We "pay it forward". A bit of your donation goes to worthy causes besides this space in cyber. We're currently researching Not For Profit status, so at this time your contribution isn't tax deductible, but you could just tell yourself we're lobbying Congress or something. Works for us.



    *Regarding the EKPHRASTIC contest:
    Follow our general "guidelines" for submissions. Place your name, and "Ekphrastic Contest" in the subject line of your fiction, prose or poetry submission. Please include which editorial picture you chose for your piece in the body of your email. Send it to the hissquarterly(the 'at' sign) Most of all, be original, and dog-gone-it, have some fun!


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